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by Friday, October 9, 2015

Some experiences can’t be described in words. They just have to remain inside you so you can go back into the recesses of your mind and remember the smile you had on your face and the feeling in your heart when you were in that moment.

I had such an experience last night when I watched Dave Matthews Band perform Live, for the first time since I started listening to their music 15 years ago. Sadly, my sister (the one who introduced them to me) could not make it to the concert with me, but what I realised is also another thing – DMB cannot and should not be ‘experienced’ just once. We’re both definitely going to plan our next trip together around one of their gigs. Not easy considering we live in different countries and she’s got two baby boys to take care of. But we’ll make it happen.

Another amazing thing happened last night and it was a first for me – I decided on the spot as the concert was starting that I could Periscope the event and have her watch it Live with me. I used the app for the first time and within seconds I had over 50, then 100, then 200+ people watching my channel. The internet went crazy, thanks to Twitter and Periscope where DMB fans were retweeting the link. And I was amazed at how technology can just make the unimaginable happen. There were people on their lunch breaks, at work, just woken up and getting ready, in a coffeeshop, at school, halfway around the world, just watching and telling me I had made their day. I couldn’t believe it – I was broadcasting an event LIVE to people from all over the world and feeling all the love coming my way via comments and hearts. It was awesome!

To every Dave Matthews Band fan who was able to watch and commented, I’m glad I could share the music with y’all! 🙂 I’m sorry I couldn’t Periscope the entire event (3 reasons – phone battery, my arms started to hurt, and I went into the inner pit right after to get close to the stage), but it was seriously awesome to know I had made so many people’s day in a small way! 🙂

To the people who were with me – couldn’t have asked for better company last night! So many hearts.

The Periscope links are right here:


To check something off your bucket list is one of the BEST feelings in the world. Just going to enjoy that feeling for now.. 🙂


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