When You Wanna Smile..

by Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Just take a pen and paper and write down any random 20 things that make you go all fuzzy inside.

1. A long, tight, warm hug.

2. The first sip of chai in the morning.

3. Clouds that bring rain.

4. Soft, fresh towels.

5. Wearing soft slipper socks to bed in the winter.

6. A wagging tail on a puppy/dog.

7. My nephew’s smile.

8. A swing.

9. Jasmine and sandalwood Incense.

10. Sunflowers.

11. Bali.

12. Putting your thoughts down in a well structured blog post, and pressing the “Publish” button.

13. Creating something.

14. Salsa shoes and cha cha music.

15. Baby elephants.

16. Holding hands.

17. A pretty sunset.

18. A long walk, with a good conversation.

19. A foot massage.

20. Hearing a new song and falling in love with it.



– JS


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