When Bling is definitely NOT King

by Friday, October 17, 2014

“All that glitters is gold.”

A saying that is taken very seriously by many people I see around me, especially the -anis, the punjus, and this new kind of dubai groupies that I would just like to fondly call Doob-ies.

I fail to understand why they all prefer to outshine the bulbs on their chandeliers at EVERY social gathering, from a wedding to a club night to a friend’s dinner party, or even an outing to the mall! Why?

No, really… WHY?

Have they never opened their eyes and seen the world around them, where sometimes, albeit rarely in a city like Dubai, sometimes people do get away with looking uber classy and uber stylish using understated elegance?

This really wouldn’t be such a problem for me were it deemed normal and perfectly acceptable to don a pair of sunglasses indoors at every one of these social dos. But since I personally consider it a very strong display of douchebag-ness to wear sunglasses at night or indoors, I refrain. Resulting in this thought bubble right above my head – “OW! MY EYES!”

images (1)

Why must the women always end up looking like a diamond mine spat them out?! 

And why must the men show up looking like they just got off a flight from the sun?!


I mean, there is a fine line between formal, and just plain LOUD.

And yes, we know you own a couple of Bentleys, and you live on the Palm Jumeirah, with a couple of vacation homes around the world… but must your clothes be so loud about it?!

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to demonstrate:

Exhibit A – Prime Example of Diamond Mine Spitting Specimen Out

Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 12.41.28 PM (1)

Exhibits B and C – Are you trying to be a solar power plant?

purple-brocade-kurta-pajama 136558916215876120_small

Ok seriously, yuck.

And NOW, allow me to demonstrate what I mean by the fine art of understated elegance. And I would be lying if I didn’t admit here that this post has been mostly inspired by Rohit Bal’s Gulbagh collection that he recently unveiled at the WIFW.

Please notice – it doesn’t have to be BLING to stand out and just look absolutely regal, and stunning.

1932678_10152795128076823_39676571141991249_o 10344419_10152795125676823_4417727224275047734_o 10468220_10152795126281823_2347300159954407346_o 10495860_10152795125806823_1630383225658415290_o 10562500_10152795125371823_410689090641453434_o 10608751_10152795124786823_8705973238479945266_o 10629383_10152795127276823_5676154566366193238_o Arjun-Rampal-walks-for-Rohit-Bal-at-grand-finale-of-Wills-3 d0fc07e3ba41321175979f9602f7480b rohit1oct13 3aaa2c9f865e71b914dfc39c37499ccb 10687858_10152795127386823_3185041948795024023_o 10710424_10152795127421823_2686674395305505334_o 1960844_10152795126356823_3975078489229737703_o

I mean… when I first saw this collection I just thought WOW. Each and every piece is amazing, a classic.

And then I realized that it was zero bling. It was all about using traditional designs and embroidery work, and creating classic works of regal elegance.

It would be SUCH A WELCOME CHANGE to see people move away from bright, shiny and bling-y, to THIS. 

For one, my eyes wouldn’t suffer.

But most importantly, it would take away the notion that ‘we must wear our wealth’.

Until next time – keep Being Awesome, and give the bling a rest! 🙂




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