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by Thursday, May 7, 2015

Words. Sentences. The right ones at the right time can have an amazing impact on your thoughts.

And I absolutely love beautiful sentences around me.

Like these few below.

Imagine you’re having a bad day… you get home, and the first thing you see if something beautiful written as a message for the moment just for you. And you instantly smile, leave your problems out the door and enjoy the rest of your evening with your family.

That’s why I highly recommend putting these around your house/office/kitchen.

Anything that inspires you, makes you smile and that goes straight to your soul when you read it 🙂












I already have some of these up on my walls but when I move house again soon this year, I will be adding positive energy to my house with these in every room. 🙂 I personally love the ones that The Artistic Word produce, but if you’re low on budget and want to get them locally here in Dubai, my best suggestion would be to hop over to an Ikea or a similar store and buy these kind of wooden frames. The writing on the inside can be freehand, done yourself! 🙂 And even more personal touch.

Have fun picking your favourite lines! And do drop a comment if you need any more information on these.

JS 🙂


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