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by Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Too many times I have gone shopping with my guy friends and heard – “you girls have all the variety when it comes to clothes… we guys have nothing compared to you all!”

To some extent, I would have to agree. They haven’t exactly been spoilt for choice over time… especially at the usual stores that everyone visits around town. But on the whole, I think desi men have a lot less they can complain about. ‘Coz there’s so much awesomeness out there in our country, you just gotta take a look… and (I got one word for you) – experiment! 

But again, if men are going to experiment with their clothes, they’re gonna have to take a keener interest in what’s out there, and since none of it is available at your neighbourhood mall, it is going to take an extra bit of effortThink of it as Gravity… it worked fine before you had heard of it… or studied about it in 5th grade. Similarly… men’s fashion is a real thing, it’s out there… working its way into people’s lives and hearts every single day… and just because you haven’t studied it yet (for lack of a better word), doesn’t mean it does not exist.

Actually, my interest in men’s clothes started recently, after I watched the movie Rockstar. Apart from the fact that I loved it, throughout the entire film I was looking at Ranbir’s clothes and thinking – “dayummm! love what he’s wearing!” After that, if I ever saw a guy whose clothes made me turn my head like Ranbir’s did, it was an automatic 1000 brownie points before we even got to ‘hello’.


ranbir02 Ranbir Kapoor Upcoming Movie Rockstar 10 ranbir-kapoor2-211111

rockstar7 Ranbir-Kapoor-A-R-Rehman-At-Rockstar-Concert-43_S_160


Obviously, it had a lot to do with his body language, and how he carried them off. I mean, let’s be real… not everybody can pull off that look. But there are other variations of it that most people could.

It was this film that made me think… there’s so much guys could do with their clothes. But they’d need to get it made for themselves. It’s not going to available off a rack at their favourite store in a mall.

So, I decided to google the shit out of menswear and have put together a few things that really work for me, make me look twice, and well, basically, make me go “Naaaaiiiiiiice!” in my head.


1. Starting with the Dhoti-pants.

Some call them Jodhpuris, some call them Brij pants… some even call them Ranbir-Kapoor-Rockstar-waley-Pants. Whatever works for you. Actually, you can’t really give them one single name, because even under the broad umbrella of dhoti-pants, you have various styles as you will see below.

The best part about them is that they’re so versatile! You can wear them casually with a shirt/tee, or you can formal it up with a jacket. It’s such a versatile garment, I’d go nuts experimenting with it if I was a guy!

Check this one out, it’s a cool casual colour with a funky button up style in the middle, flowy and comfortable:


And I found this one on Google from a site called but since the site wasn’t in English and looked way too hippy, I couldn’t look at any more stuff they have. Nevertheless I loved the style of these particular pants:


These are more like your regular kurta-pyjama pyjamas, but again, the fabric makes it stand out. Good comfortable everyday wear. Could work formally too.

download DASTAK-Black-Dhoti-Pant-28Jodhpuri-Style29-6052-979095-1-product2

And THESE, I absolutely LOVE. Give me a guy wearing these any day. Not only do they very closely resemble the Rockstar look of Ranbir’s, they’re also extremely comfortable, flowy, stylish, and very statement. LOVE LOVE LOVE.



Here’s a more semi-formal way of putting them on:


shantanu nikhil menswear lakme fashion week 2013 (1)_1629502419DSC_0060copy


Oh, and don’t even get me started on this look ‘coz I could go on and on. Everything from the black collared shirt, the black pants, the JACKET.. and the head gear… absolute class.



And we know white isn’t an easy colour to pull off, but it seems quite easy and effortless with a pair of dhoti-pants.



And as you see here, the poopie pants I’ve heard these being called, but a simple variation can turn them into something completely different:




2. Chequered shirts

Give me a guy wearing a full sleeve chequered shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows… ANY day of the week. There’s just something about these shirts… I find it very hard to not stare.

EC064C2F images (1) images Jay-Z-Vince-Plaid-Shirt men-s-long-sleeve-shirt-mixed-color-plaid Promotion-men-s-Classic-pure-cotton-plaid-shirt-fashion-slim-leisure-long-sleeve-shirts-special-offer Promotion-men-s-pure-cotton-extra-heavy-fashion-plaid-shirt-slim-leisure-long-sleeve-shirts-special


They even work as a throw on, on top of a tee. Just remember to roll up the sleeves 🙂


best-plaid-shirts-for-men Scott-Disick-wears-plaid-shirt-denim-jeans-and-common-project-sneakers-Beverly-Hills-11


3. Jackets

Now jackets is a very broad subject, so I’m just going to restrict this entry to desi jackets in particular since we’re talking about experimenting.

Now I still don’t know what these are called, but they seem to have become quite popular with the men folk and at most weddings, I see men wearing these. I absolutely love them, especially when they’re made of raw silk, super elegant, super classy.




The slightly longer style:



And I found a really funky one online, this could go any time of the year, not just at weddings, with jeans or dhoti-pants or formal trousers! Love this one:




And here’s an example of how to keep it simple and casual with a pair of jeans:



4. Gold-ing it up.

Who says men can’t pull off Gold?

Check this out:


I’m totally digging the gold pants… the funky jacket, and even the necklace that Purab Kohli is sporting. Of course, it works on the ramp, I’m not so sure about real life… but hey, overall, the look is very very awesome.



6. Pathan suits

And now, one of my personal favourite of all time! I don’t know why desi men need to look too far when we’ve got this kind of awesomeness in our backyard! The ever regal, ever macho, uber stylish pathan suit and all its variations!

Love love LOVE it.

Add a jacket and it does wonders:



I mean, I cannot even begin to describe how royal, and regal and classy this look is:




7. Fitted shirts

Moving on to the more regular, conventional style of dressing. I love fitted shirts on men. But again, these aren’t for every body shape. And if you’re not really ‘in shape’ I would advise against these, as they will only make you look ‘healthy’. LOL.

And guys, experiment with colours! Go beyond your comfort zone of blue, grey, white, black.


20_030_5236_288 20_550_8819_318 618d1961439c79c0a0cd169a225158dc 4781fdff85877496b1f91742cf1ad202 dd96547e4c44df972c17d69fa56305aa express1mxclassic express-fitted-1mx-stretch-cotton-shirt images (1) images men-s-long-sleeve-shirt-mixed-color-plaid

And if you’re in India, or travelling to India, you could order from the super awesome Azziano & Cuffle shirts range. They are currently topping the charts on (India’s E-tailer giant), and having seen the shirts myself, I can tell you – they’re totally worth it.

Azziano & Cuffle shirts:

az-92lt-grey-azziano-40-400x400-imadr7bqdeagffct az-110beige-azziano-40-400x400-imadsgs4dnebz3we




You can order them here and here.


8. Formals

Who said a tux, suit or sherwani is all you have when you need to keep things formal? Check these looks out:



(loving this jacket above, with those pants… teamed up with a bright red kurta….and dayummmmmmmm, we’re in business).

Don’t even get me started on Siddharth Malhotra (*drool*), that boy can pull anything off. I mean, would you look at that jacket!




And this pink one! Oh sorry…SALMON.

YUM. (Sid, not the salmon).



Umm, yeah… so coming back to formals… I love the way this jacket is teamed up with those loose dhoti-pants, and the stole is draped around the neck. Uber classy.




Again, the jodhpuris make an appearance with a clean jacket that is embellished on the collar. Very nice.




And I don’t know why but I’ve always loved this kurta jacket look, where the collars go up high and cover the neck.



9. The ankle-pants.

Now I don’t know if that’s what they are actually called, but I think they’re awesome! You may not be able to pull these off if you have chubby ankles, but when it comes to casual, nothing now-a-days looks as stylish as these:

2004K43-5 3276.ankle cuffed-pants Fashion-Ankle-Length-Thin-Tight-Legging-Men-Pants_5 images l_p1022544220 l_p1022544265 semi-formal1  wear-with-white-pants-for-menshort-pants-in-for-men


10. Linen – Shirts and Pants. 

Summer’s here. ‘Nuff said.


amalfi-lotus-pink-linen-shirt il_340x270.516549818_tgas Linen-shirts-for-men-2 Linen-shirts-for-men-6 raspberry_pink_linen_shirt

And Linen Pants:

91201-W_main 121201-CM_1 121201-CM_main download -font-b-Men-b-font-leisure-cotton-font-b-linen-b-font-cool-grid-font

And I love these khaki and blue ones:

images (1)Promotion-2014-Newest-Summer-loose-design-Men-linen-pants-man-s-casual-straight-pants-linen-trousers

(Basically, I heart linen).


11. Accessories

There are very few guys who actually use accessories to add that je ne sais quoi to their look, and I’ve noticed Ranveer Singh is one of them.

He’s usually got an accessory on that sets him apart from the others:

ranveer-ram-read bestworstdressed-9-08-ranveerrk4_0.preview


I think that by just adding that one thing, you can totally change your look, and here are some examples of accessories I like!


Fedora hats:

Fedora-hats-for-men Jude+Law+Dress+Hats+Fedora+QubOLjB1CA1l


Golf Caps:

article-2050901-01776062000004B0-548_306x423 HERRINGBONE-TWEED-GATSBY-Newsboy-font-b-Cap-b-font-font-b-Men-b-font-Wool-Ivy


Beaded bracelets and wrist bands:

I don’t know why but a guy with beaded bracelets or multiple wrist bands just almost always catches my attention. A good place to get these is a website called Thread Etiquette:

108-8mm-Genuine-font-b-Black-b-font-Sandalwood-Beads-Buddha-Malas-font-b-Bracelet-b 58924e39cd0a0ef18b237b37d6d2b347 apollo-_leather_double-wrap_bracelet_golden_pyrite_gemstone_beads_mens_361377d2 mens-bead-bracelets-exclusive-mens-bead-bracelets

Tattoo & Piercings:

Now, this one’s not for the faint-hearted. And tattoos are an accessory you should sport only if they mean something to you. There’s no bigger turn-off than someone who has a tattoo that didn’t mean anything to them when they had it done, and just got it put on their bodies so they could ‘fit in’ or ‘look cool’. More often than not, tattoos are also a conversation starter among strangers, so if you’re not going to have a good reason/story behind yours, don’t get it.

As for ear piercings, I’m in love with this hoop earring that Ranbir sported in YJHD. Try it guys, it may just work on you.




This one’s a no-brainer. A good pair of sunglasses that suits your face cut, makes a statement like nothing else.



To me, a watch just shows that a man is wary of his time, how he spends it, and that he is actually worried about being on time for things. A super nice quality for anybody to have. Watches don’t need to be super expensive either. Just one word here – classy. That’s all you need really.


And finally, a couple of dont’s to remember when working on your wardrobe.



  1. DO NOT go over the top experimental. Some things only look good on a fashion runway.31diwali-fashion-mens10
  2. DO NOT wear suspenders. Really. They’ve lived their life. Get over them.
  3. DO NOT wear bow-ties casually. Especially in loud colours. Unless you’re a clown. Then you may.
  4. DO NOT wear colours you can’t pull off. I mean, I’m all for metrosexual and everything, but certain pinks and purples just don’t work on everybody.
  5. And please, for the love of God, guys… DO NOT shave your arms and legs.


Well, to end, I gotta say, it was a lot of fun researching for this post and putting it together. And I also gotta admit, I spent a good hour looking at pictures of Siddharth Malhotra….

But hey! I digress.

Again, I’m no fashion expert so I may not have named every piece of garment correctly. But I do know what I like when I see it, and this was a quick run-through of exactly that. 🙂

And now with two baby nephews to spoil, I think as the years go by, I’m gonna have to take a keener interest in men’s fashion, and keep myself up to date. 😀

Ladies, feel free to share with the Gentlemen in your life.

Gentlemen, do tell me if it helped!


Until next time – keep Being Awesome! xoxo





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