Thank God it’s over.

by Friday, January 2, 2015

Phew, its January 2nd, and we can all heave a huge sigh of relief.

Yes, I have a problem with NYE and Jan 1. Just like I have a problem with every other over-hyped, unnecessary, forced form of celebration there is.

This time I’ve vowed never to be at a party again if I can help it. If I want to welcome a new year, I want to be having a grand feast with crazy delicious food, some lovely wine and calming music to go with it, around a table that is filled with friends and family who mean the world to me. Where we can actually have meaningful conversations about the year that went by for us, the good, the bad, the travels, the fun, the ups and downs, and what we each are really looking forward to in the coming year. I think I’m starting to sound old, but if that means giving up on the “let’s drink to get drunk” adage, so be it.

I woke up on the 1st of January morning and was going through my Instagram when I saw Masaba Gupta’s post. She had spent her 1st morning skiing down the slopes of some beautiful mountain, breathing in fresh Himalayan air all morning, not holed up under her blanket recovering from a night of over-drinking and throwing up… and I actually thought “damn, I wish I was doing that”. Never before have I had that thought while looking at someone’s picture. It was a moment of realization.

Also, I watched the 10 minute long Burj Khalifa fireworks video on YouTube yesterday. It was really amazing, they actually get better and better every year. But the one thing that really disturbed me was when the camera focused on the crowds standing around, 99% of those people weren’t actually looking at the fireworks or enjoying them in awe. They were recording videos on their phones.  That sight made me think of us human beings as these mechanical robots, with no real awareness of ourselves of what we are doing. Like a child or like a dog or any innocent living being on this earth, can’t we be in the moment and just enjoy what’s happening in the present moment around us?! Especially if we’ve driven for hours to be there, and walked n walked after parking miles away, and planned our entire day around this fireworks event? I mean, there will be professionally shot videos on YouTube within an hour! Why are you wasting your time trying to capture it on your phone?! Look beyond the screen people. (Refer to my old post: Put Down Your Phone)

My point here today – when you’re ready for a change, you know it. And same time next year, if at all I feel a need to celebrate, I am going to be somewhere far away, away from the noise, away from the crowds, away from the city lights, hopefully surrounded by the people I love. That’s the only resolution I’m making.

Now let’s stop kidding ourselves with the resolutions nonsense, and get on with our regular lives.

Oh, and Happy New Year. : )

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