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No, not the kind of spotting you’re thinking about. Women, relax.

And also not the spotting of a ‘pimple’ that usually makes us all go:


I’m talking about the kind of Spotting that dancers do. It’s a technique used when spinning. To fix your gaze on a particular object/spot/point, and taking your eyes off the spot only after the rest of your body has almost completed the spin. The head and the eyes are always the last to complete the spin, and when back in position, the eyes always return to the same spot.

How does spotting help a dancer? Mainly in two ways. Firstly, it prevents dizziness. And secondly, and more importantly, it helps to maintain your body’s center of gravity or balance.

It’s pretty cool actually. I learnt Kathak as a child, and as you may know, Kathak is the only Indian classical dance form that is known for its spins or chakkars. So I kind of already had it figured. But it was only later on when I got into Salsa that I really had to focus a lot on improving my spotting, especially because in Kathak I had learnt to mostly spin only in one direction, that is, anti clockwise. In salsa, it’s both directions. Anyway, I realized that initially I was doing it wrong and losing balance because I wasn’t spotting correctly. When I figured out the right technique, life just became so much simpler on the dance floor.

So my point is – spotting doesn’t make life easier only for dancers. It works for everyone. Only in the real world, its called “Focus”.

Which is another thought that came to my mind recently during a conversation with a friend – the people who make it really big in their field and achieve the goals they set out to achieve, are the ones who are ALWAYS spotting or are always FOCUSED. Their eyes are always fixed – on the goal, on the vision. And just like a dancer’s body rotates before the eyes and the head do, we get busy in our daily lives with a million things from family to our partners to our jobs, but only those of us who keep their eyes focused on the goal/vision even while dealing with every day life, are the ones who eventually keep the balance, and achieve the goal.

I would like to cite Ranbir Kapoor as an example. I was so taken by his performance in Rockstar that I watched a few of his interviews on YouTube and the one thing I noticed about him that stood out over anything else was the fact that he always said that from the time he was very young, he would watch his grandfather Raj Kapoor getting all this love and adulation from his fans… and this one particular trip that he made to Russia, when the crowds were so huge that his car could not move for hours.. Ranbir said that he saw all of that and told himself that one day he was going to be an actor who gets as much, if not more, adulation from his fans. That’s it. That ONE thought. From such a young age. Etched in his mind. It became his only focus. And look where he is today. Amongst all the actors today, he’s probably the only one who looks like he could turn into a legend some day. Yep, just like his grandfather, just like his one focused thought, his one goal.

Imagine… the power of your intention. Focus brings intent, and intent then brings action. You just automatically act, and do what you need to, in order to move towards your goal. And somewhere.. the universe responds to your action, and things start aligning themselves in a way to help your goal get closer and closer to you.

Those of us who have no difficulty in coming up with excuses for not achieving or not going after our goals… “I want to focus on my career”… “my job is too demanding”… “my family and social life takes its toll on me”… etc etc etc…. I’d just like to say one thing – Those are all important. Your spouse, your family, your friends, your job, your kids, your role in the world. You have to play all those parts. And play them well. Because just like a dancer’s spin is incomplete without the entire body having spun, your life is not complete if you ignore all the important aspects and focus just on the one thing. It’s all got to fit into the picture that is your life.

So just Spin! And don’t forget to spot. Keep your eyes on the goal. Keep your focus. But don’t forget about the rest of your body. Each part, that is each aspect of your life, plays a special and important role in completing the picture.

Have a look below.. with everything in sync… the entire movement… is just that much more beautiful, and hence fulfilling. Especially to the dancer. : )


Until next time – keep Being Awesome!




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