Sanu Ik Pal – Ash King

by Monday, August 18, 2014

You know, sometimes I find a song that I love SO MUCH that I don’t ever want to share it with the world. It’s stupid, but then I get a bit selfish sometimes and think “no, this is MY song, I won’t tell anyone about it, I’ll play it on loop and retreat to my own little happy place while listening to it” 🙂 LOL.

So this was one such song. I kept it on loop for weeks and weeks, before I finally decided to let it out into the world and play it on the radio airwaves! Once it played on-air for the first time, it wasn’t ‘mine’ anymore, and it just got easier to share it with people after that. Haha. And everytime I did share it with someone, they too fell in love with it.

I know I know, it’s a cover of a classic. The classic itself is sooooo heart achingly beautiful, it would be insane to think that someone else might be able to do justice to a cover.

But Ash has done more than that. He’s given it his own unique ‘sweetness’ that only his voice is famous for. When I told him how much I loved what he’d done with this track, he was all embarrassed and said please don’t look at the video, it looks like a marriage proposal collage of me, so embarrassing! LOL. But he also said that when they decided to do this track as a tribute, he didn’t want to come across as sounding like a copy. And he so doesn’t.

Anyway, enough of background. Do me a favour – put on your headphones, switch your phone to silent, and listen to this one without any disturbance.

Since the flute plays such a beautiful part in this tribute (and it was Krishna Janmashtmi yesterday), and since it was also Nusrat saahab’s death anniversary on August 16 (which is why this tribute was done), I figured today would be a good day to share this with you all on the blog. 🙂

More awesome music, next #MusicMonday.



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