On Air!

by Saturday, February 6, 2016

This year seems to be off to a very eventful start!

So besides traveling and all those plans for the year, I recently did something that is very uncharacteristic of me.

I went on-air.

On radio.

Like hosting a show of my own.



So yeah, for those of you who know me, know that I have spent over a decade in the radio industry, so that way it may not seem to be such a shocker. But then those of you who really know me, know that I’ve never had any intention of going on-air ever for two very simple reasons:

  1. I never thought I had a voice for radio.
  2. I prefer to be behind the scenes making things happen.

But the way this all happened (me getting on my own show etc), it was almost like the universe telling me, “enough of putting this off, now get on it already.”

Basically, we had a bit of restructuring at work and ended up with a very small team. And as is customary, we had a presenter go on Christmas/NewYear break, and there was an opportunity my manager saw. She decided to throw me in at the deep end and just said to me one day – there are two weekends before Valda gets back, I want you to go on air and host her weekend show. That’s it. I had a week to come to terms with it mentally, prepare my shit, and get on with it. So I did, I got behind the mic, said what I had to say and got done with those 2 weekend shows.

The outcome:

  1. I was told I sounded pretty cool and had a pleasing radio voice. (omg shocker!)
  2. And apparently, I knew my shit, especially about music. (ok I’ll take that, no argument there hehe)
  3. For me personally, I realised it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, in that I actually enjoyed it (maybe more so because it was a very musically driven show and I can talk about music anytime, anywhere).
  4. And lastly, I figured, hey, I’ve been here a while and I know what sounds good or bad. I’m not the kind of presenter who will talk on and on, I like to start, say the important, interesting stuff and get out. Because as a listener that’s what I like in a radio presenter myself. So what do I have to lose? If anything, it’s just another feather added to the cap. So ok, let’s do this.

And that’s how it all happened.

So yeah, its been 2 weeks now. My show, After Hours with Jyoti, launched on 24th January, 2016. And while it’s been a bit crazy managing all the extra work that comes with it, I have to say – it’s fun, to finally play my kind of music for people and actually talk about it myself. 🙂 For me, it was, is and will always be about the music. And as long as I know I can listen to my own link without getting bored/annoyed/turned off, then I’m doing ok.

If you’d like to listen – you can stream it online on Joshfm.ae – just click on the Listen Live button. It’s every Sunday to Wednesday at 9pm Dubai time. Or you can download our app from any of the app stores on all platforms, just search for “Josh FM”.

The show is all about the music, and of course, listeners’ requests. I try my best to keep it sounding different from the daytime shows, simply because at night listeners are listening more keenly to the music. It’s the end of the day and everyone’s winding down, and there’s not too many distractions. So I wanna give the listeners something different, something unique every day. And yeah… that’s the show and that’s the plan, keeping it simple. 🙂

Just thought I’d quickly blog about this latest development while I wrap up the rest of the weekend with some time off from music and everything radio. I think my brain needs the shut down before I get back on-air tomorrow evening.

Until next time – keep Being Awesome! 🙂





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