Mora Saiyaan/Phir Le Aaya Dil/Khafa Mahiya – Neha & Tony Kakkar

by Monday, September 1, 2014

Alright, so it’s #MusicMonday and I accidently stumbled upon this mashup on Youtube last night. Had it on repeat while I was reading before going to bed, and now the last track “khafa mahiya” is stuck in my head, can’t get over the lyrics… beautiful:)

I remember Neha Kakkar as the kid of the sets of Indian Idol 2 when I was handling it for my radio station in Mumbai that season – she was the cute, chirpy child bobbing about here and there, and sadly would only get to sing the uptempo, fast songs during the competition. Wish she’d had the chance to sing more soulful songs like this. Love her voice.

Khafa Mahiya

Aaja ke aaja teri yaadon mein dil rota hai..

aaja ke aaja dil na jaage hai na sota hai…

Yun dil ko aise na tadpaa na…ki dard hota hai..

Rota hai rota hai.. dil yeh mera….

Meri kya hai khata maahiya… yun na aise rulaa maahiya..

Kedi gallon rusya ae.. mainu denda sazaa maahiya..

Ki hoya khafa maahiya.. meri aawey na saan maahiya..

Kedi gallon rusya ae.. mainu denda sazaa mahiyaaa…

Ki hoya khafa maahiya… meri aawey na saan maahiya…Β 

Kedi gallon rusya ae… mainu denda sazaa mahiyaaa….




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