Mann ka ho to achha.. naa ho to zyaada achha.

by Monday, October 13, 2014

Today I woke up wondering why when you plan things a certain way, and you do everything possible to make things happen a certain way, and you have all sorts of expectations and hopes…. and then it all goes wrong… why, why does that happen!

I woke up feeling helpless and frustrated because of something that recently happened.

And then out of nowhere this popped up in front of me, like a sign, to remind me of a very, very important lesson.

“Mann ka ho to achha… na ho to zyaada achha. Kyunki phir wo Ishwar ke mann ka ho raha hai aur Ishwar jo hain wo hamesha aapka bhala hi chaahenge.”

Sometimes things just don’t go your way. But whichever way they go, they go for a reason. And things happen the way they are meant to. When I look back at the small and big events in my life, I realise in hindsight that at the time I was going through those events, I felt frustrated or helpless or angry, and wanted everything to happen just the way I wanted it. But I’m glad it didn’t now! Some things came into my life unplanned, moments, people, events, incidents.. and I’m glad they did. It was Ishwar ke mann ka at work 🙂 And it all came to me because it was meant to and I needed it.

So now.. keeping the faith, and believing that this moment too has come because there is something in it for me to learn.

Part of Being Awesome is pulling yourself back up every time you think you have a fall.


Until next time – keep Being Awesome. And chill. If things don’t go our way, remember that they’re still meant to happen this way for some reason we’re not aware of… but we can just be aware of the moment and it’s lessons.



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