London Diaries – Dishoom Review

by Thursday, October 22, 2015

So I land in London at 6am, and still haven’t had the time to let it sink in that I’m finally on holiday in another country when my friends take me out to this Indian restaurant called Dishoom (the one at KIng’s Cross). Now as much as I love my Indian food, I do have it everyday at home (ever since I got myself a cook that is), but I was like ‘hey it’s been a long day and night of traveling so as long as they have wine, let’s do it!’.

So we get there at 5.30pm and I thought we were TOO EARLY for dinner, but I kid you not… we had to wait TWO HOURS for a dinner table. And it was – AMAZING. The wait, as well as the dinner.

Dishoom review London Covent Garden Indian restaurant menu


6 Reasons I absolutely loved Dishoom:

1.The bar area. We were given a massive booth for the 10 of us, so the waiting hardly felt like a wait. It was cozy, we had these amazing papad-like crisps and masala banana chips to munch on.


The wine we ordered was awesome, and the cocktails were amazing. Not just the names or the flavours, but even the way they were served. That’s my friend Sid with his Old Fashioned, the perfect sized round chunk of ice that fits perfectly in the glass, and the mixer served in that tiny bottle. I loved it!

Dishoom London - Cocktail


2.The quirky walls and doors. Dishoom was like being in a place back in time where old family sepia photographs are framed and put up over all the walls, the doors are all hand painted an old maroon red, and there’s writings on all the doors in HINDI. Just walking to the loo I came across some hilarious stuff on all the doors I walked out – “Yahaan deviyaan kapde badal rahi hain – No Entry” / “Yahaan Bhoot Rehte Hain – No Entry” / “Kampooter Room – No Entry” – it was hilarious! I wish I’d taken my phone so I could have taken some pictures.



3.The menu. Not just Indian food. There’s so much thought put into every single thing on there. As cliched as it may sound, I’m just gonna say it – it’s different.

Dishoom London - Menu

4.The incense sticks lit all over the place. It’s like stepping into heaven. Mmmm. And I love the attention to detail because while we were there, I saw the waiters regularly refreshing the incense stick stands.


5.The staff and the service. Everyone from the hostesses, to the waiters, to the bartenders…everyone was awesome. Smiling, having a good time, genuinely enjoying themselves and in turn, making us love the place even more.

6.The food. So it always finally comes down to the FOOD and how good (or not) it is. As it should. And Dishoom doesn’t disappoint ONE BIT. I mean, if a non foodie like me is STILL dreaming about the food there 6 days later.. that means something! I would recommend going on an empty stomach with lots of friends (exactly what I did) so you can order loads of dishes and try them all!

Dishoom London - the dinner party

Eco-Pure-Waters-_MG_9517 Dishoom London - Chole Bhature

Dishoom London - Chai Menu Dishoom London - Kulfi Dishoom London - Sid having Kulfi

So we got there 530pm-ish and we left around 12.30am! That’s 7 hours! But it didn’t feel like that long AT ALL. We were shocked at the time but it just went by so quickly. I think the company had something to do with it too.

We waited for a table nearly two hours in the bar area, that was pretty crazy as the drinks kept flowing and friends kept showing up. Dinner began upstairs at around 7.30pm, and it just went on and on. Super fun!

I’m in London for some more time and I’ve already told my friends we have to go back there once more before I leave.

Go ahead, try it for yourself the next time you’re here.

Helpful tip – if you’re not a fan of waiting, book your dinner table in advance.

And remember..


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  • londongirllost2015
    October 22, 2015

    This looks delicious! I’ve heard amazing things about this place!

    • Jyoti Sardar
      October 22, 2015

      You must go, there’s nothing to not like about it:)

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