#LEH – Superwoman ft. Humble The Poet

by Monday, July 7, 2014

Ha! So I’m a iiSuperwomanii fan 🙂 but when I first watched the video I was like…. “eh?”

Then I read about it on BuzzFeed and put it on again, on loop.

And I have to’s weirdly catchy, with lyrics that totally crack me up! Henceforth, when I’m not saying “leh” to anything and everyone around me, I shall be using my other official favourite line – “grow a beard sucka!” LOL

Alsooooo, #LEH is now charting across all itunes stores in the hip-hop charts no less.

BUT..But But… as bang on as they are about most of the ridiculous people WE ALL KNOW… I’d like to add some of my own lyrics:

At a party sayin you hate crowds (LEH)

Yet you spent a bomb on your hair and dress (LEH)

Complainin about putting on weight (LEH)

But you havin 2 pieces of the steak! (LEH)


Talkin about who your daddy is (LEH)

Bein rude to the waiter so you don’t have to leave a tip! (LEH)

Hate him but you kiss your boss’ a** (LEH)

Not wearing pink coz it “makes you less of a man”! (LEH ) (grow a beard sucka!)


Haha ok I had to throw that last bit in 😉

Ok so that was my lame attempt at writing lyrics but hey its #MusicMonday so what the hell!

Hope you like the track! I think it’s Awesome.

Until next time – keep Being Awesome!

JS 🙂


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  • Nammi
    July 7, 2014

    Omg! Glad I clicked on the video, totally LUV IT!!! And guess what, your attempt at writing lyrics is just AWESOME!!!! Muac … Keep going’ sistah!

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