House Hunting in Dubai – 20 Things To Remember

by Friday, May 23, 2014

One of the most important things that helps you continue Being Awesome every single day of your life is, of course, your home. This is where your body crashes, recharges, and where you spend your quietest moments, and the most invaluable “me time”.

So, I think we can all agree that Being Awesome is directly proportional to living in your own awesome little world that you call home.

Hence, very important to find the right place. No compromises.

Now, I’ve lived in a relatively peaceful and green part of Dubai for about 5 years now and I’ve absolutely loved it. It’s quiet, there’s lots of greenery all around, grassy lawns, lots of trees, no Dubai traffic to look at when I gaze out of the window etc.

But it’s been almost a year now since my office moved to the other side of town, and the every day drive back and forth not only gets to you after a certain point, you realize (and I may sound like a snootie south bombay townie here), that this whole “new Dubai” part of town is actually all rubbish. All the good stuff is still on that side of town and one just can’t pretend any more. LOL. Sorry JLT, Marina, Tecom, Greens people… y’all are really fooling yourselves. As was I.

And when you start waking up every morning counting down the days till your lease ends… you know it’s time to move. 

So now, my hunt has begun. And while I’ve pretty much zeroed in on the 3 areas that I will be searching in – ie, Business Bay, Downtown and Sheikh Zayed Road – there’s a lot more that goes into finding the “perfect place to call home”.

A friend of mine once told me, when you’re looking for a house, the 5 most important things to consider are:

1. Location

2. Location

3. Location

4. Location

5. And, location.


I’ve covered that. I’m not looking beyond the 3 areas mentioned above.

All very central, all very nice.



However, looking for the perfect house in Dubai comes with its own set of issues.

So I’m going to add to the above list, a few things of my own, in order of their importance to me:

6. Does the building/landlord allow pets? Dogs, specifically. Because, you know… home is where the dog is!

7. Is this location going to help me find a maid who will agree to working for me? Yes yes, we have to make it convenient for her. Even if you have to drive 10 more minutes to work everyday, IT’S OK. The maid must be kept happy.

8. Does the building have lots of families with annoying kids? (the only way to find out is to fix an appointment to check out the apartment between 4-6pm… this is when the demons come out to play). Hey, don’t judge me! I love kids (as long as they’re someone else’s and sit quietly in a corner and never speak).

9. Who’s paying for the chiller?

10. Do I get a free parking spot? Is it shaded or out in the sun? (Note to all – make sure the annexure in your lease contract states clearly that the landlord cannot charge you for the parking spot as long as you are renting the place, most landlords are using this as an excuse to get more money out of the tenant when the contract is up for renewal).

11. What is the average time spent between exiting the door of the house, and getting into your car? Is this walkway air-conditioned or does it involve getting out in the sun?

12. Who lives upstairs? Like, directly above my apartment. Young couples, and couples with annoying kids, it’s a NO, for obvious reasons.

13. Is the apartment right next to the Garbage Room door on that floor? Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like pinching my nose or holding my breath every time I have to walk into my home.

14. The view from the windows. Trust me, if it isn’t green or blue, it’s just not worth it.

15. Building security. Good, bad, ugly?

16. If it’s a high rise – how fast are the elevators, and how many are there? ‘Coz I for sure do not want to be waiting 15 minutes for an elevator, after it took me 10 minutes to get home from my work place. Like really, what’s the point then?

17. Proximity of a supermarket/grocery store. Can I order stuff from home? This is a big advantage as far as I’m concerned because for 5 long years I’ve had to drive to a store to get every little thing. So if my new place doesn’t come with a home delivery service, I’m not interested.

18. Are cabs easy to come by in the area? And If I order one for a night out, does it take forever to get to me or is it a 5 minute wait?

19. Does the building allow installation of a Dish antenna? (very important to desis, even though I hardly watch TV).

20. And finally, does the building have Du or Etisalat connections? If it isn’t Du, I’d probably walk. We all know how much Etisalat’s customer service sucks.


I must add, these are specific requirements that I, a-single-working-woman-living-alone-in-the-city, may have. Obviously, these will differ from person to person.

If you can think of any more that I may have missed out on, comment below! It may help me.

“I live in my own little world. But its ok, they know me here.” ― Lauren Myracle

Let’s hope I find my own little world soon.

Until next time, keep Being Awesome!

And wish me luck 🙂

5 Responses
  • jai
    May 23, 2014

    Hahaah luved no.8
    And a good maintenance team would be a blessing.

    • Jyoti Sardar
      May 23, 2014

      ah yes! well pointed out, another one to definitely remember 🙂

  • Apeksha Hegde
    May 24, 2014

    spot on ! that list will definitely assure you an ‘awesome’ home , location – security – accessibility for self and to services , unless you add time restrictions to it , but well I am hoping this silly rule is just heard of here in Mumbai or a single working woman prancing around at anytime is open to judgement (whatever) 🙂 . Love (maybe tolerate sounds better here) thy neighbors too , so I guess people around would be important too but pretty much secondary (I definitely agree on the noisy kids) to all listed above , happy hunting !

  • dhirajkalro
    June 1, 2014

    Just apt! Good read..

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