Game of Thrones – Season 7 & 8 (Azor Ahai) Prediction

by Friday, July 8, 2016

So I have NEVER blogged about a TV show before. I don’t even have a category to put this post into so it’ll just have to go under Life (ironic, I know). But yes, that’s how much I think about the show!

I’d like to say at the very beginning that no, I haven’t read the books. All I know is what’s been on the TV show, and the fan theories and other related articles I’ve read online on A Wiki of Fire and Ice.

So here goes… this is what I think is going to happen in the last 2 seasons of GoT:

  1. Dany will obviously not get to King’s Landing immediately. She will probably make a pitstop at Dragonstone (you know, to kill some episode time)
  2. The face-off between Dany and Cersei will happen around Episode 3 or 4 of Season 7.
  3. By then Euron Greyjoy would have either teamed up with Cersei, or the Night’s King depending on which horn he’s got. (I believe there are 2 horns, one that can control the dragons and one that can bring down the wall)
  4. Dany will of course defeat Cersei. An important role will be played by Jaime and Tyrion of course in this Cersei defeat.
  5. Up North, we’re going to see a whole lot of drama in terms of multiple Stark reunions. Arya will reunite with her siblings eventually. Bran will make it Castle Black and hopefully also to Winterfell.
  6. The North is going to see less action, and more drama. LF trying to mess up Sansa’s head. Jon dealing with the new role of Lord of Winterfell. Lot of White Walker talk and preparations to deal with them. Jon will also hear from Sam, a raven will come with some information that could help him (possibly the secret to making Valyrian Steel swords).
  7. Once Dany has taken over the South, there will be a meeting between the North and the South. Jon will meet Dany, and by this time he will possibly know that she is his aunt.
  8. They will join forces. And I think this is about where Season 7 will end.
  9. Now, Season 8 is going to be all about Azor Ahai’s prophecy, and the white walkers.
  10. And I’ve really given this a LOT of thought. The prophecy says that Azor Ahai forged his sword for a 100 days but to finally give it the power it needed to fight the darkness, he had to plunge it into his wife’s heart which brought the light and fire to it.
    1. Dany and Jon will either be in love with each other and married OR they will just truly, deeply love each other as family. Either way, they will be the person the other loves the most in the world.
    2. Dany was (re) born out of fire.
    3. Jon was (re) born around ice (remember, he died on ice).
    4.  Hence, they are BOTH a big part of the prophecy of the prince that was promised.
    5. And I think finally it is going to be JON who is Azor Ahai, mainly because, of the 2 of them, he’s the one who can fight with a sword.
    6. So he’s going to be the one forging a sword of valyrian steel (using the information given to him by Sam), and when the time comes, he will have to plunge it INTO DANY’S HEART and KILL HER in order to bring the FIRE and LIGHT to it. 
    7. Dany cannot be burnt, she is the unburnt, hence, she is the FIRE. She is the LIGHT. She is the one who will give Azor Ahai’s sword it’s true power, and turn it into the LIGHTBRINGER.
    8. And in that way, it will be BOTH Jon and Dany together becoming Azor Ahai and killing the darkness in the world. 
  12. In the end, the white walkers will be defeated. Jon Snow will be King. He will be a hero, a saviour…but he will be alone.

daenerys_i_jej_smok landscape-1436195072-mcx-game-of-thrones-jon-snow


I have looked for any similar theories online but havent’t yet seen anyone predicting JON SNOW KILLING DAENERYS TO GIVE BIRTH TO LIGHTBRINGER, so I’m guessing I’m the first one to come up with this. I could be wrong about that but either way, it is a logical interpretation. Spock would be proud 🙂 LOL.

Well, if I’m eventually proven wrong, it won’t be the first time a fan theory gets dismissed this way. But if I’m right, I’m certainly going to be very smug about it. The details of the whole plot, who else will die before the series ends etc etc – I’m not sure about. I’m just very, very sure about how the Azor Ahai end will be. And of course, one can just hope that all the Starks survive till the end, the remaining ones of course.

Alright… well.. if you agree, disagree, have any comments, write them below! I’m just gonna leave this here till 2018 till we see how it all eventually turns out.

Until then, all men must wait. 🙂

Update – So apparently this theory has been around for a while and I’m not the first one to have come up with it! 🙂 It’s all good, it means I am now one with the GoT fandom hahaha. Let’s hope we’re all wrong about it though because quite honestly, I’d hate to see Jon OR Dany die. 


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