Facebook Detox

by Friday, January 23, 2015

So as soon as the New Year came around, I started packing my bags. I was taking off for a birthday week celebration to Hong Kong (yay!), to spend time with my best friend and generally just get away from work and Dubai.

Needless to say, the trip was super awesome for many reasons 🙂 , but there’s one major change I feel now after coming back.

While I was there, I hardly got online, I didn’t check Facebook when I woke up, I hardly used Whatsapp except to make plans for the day, and the best thing about all this – I didn’t miss it. Not sharing moments of my travelling, not updating social media on my whereabouts or actions, felt supremely awesome! It kind of felt like 2006, when there was no Facebook in my life. All my travels, all my experiences around the world before 2006 (and there were plenty) were all just that – my personal memories. In my mind and heart (and some hard copy pictures, yep, I had no digital camera). Meant only for me and the people I shared them with. 

Another interesting thing happened before I left for Hong Kong. A friend of mine wished somebody he knew ‘happy birthday’ during a conversation on the phone. And I’ll honestly tell you what happened next was perhaps the saddest thing I have ever heard in my life – the person whose birthday it was actually sent my friend a message a few minutes later saying he would appreciate it more if he could wish him on his Facebook wall!!!! (I could put twenty more exclamation marks here to express my utter disbelief and shock, but yeah…. this actually happened). We were both shocked, for days. A personal wish over a phone call was just not valuable enough to this person, he needed my friend to wish him ON HIS FACEBOOK WALL WHERE EVERYBODY COULD SEE IT.

I’m just going to take a moment here to let that sink in.. because you better believe it, it happened.


And I thought…. Mannnnnnnnnnnnn, something is SERIOUSLY wrong with this world. Everybody’s turning into an attention and importance seeking whore.


Now after coming back, I really considered getting off Facebook with finality. I don’t miss it when I don’t use it. Unfortunately, for my field of work, I have to log on at least once every other day to see what’s going on around the world, but I guess once the day comes that I leave the industry, I will permanently delete the FB account too.

When I was told about two years ago by someone that the reason things were going haywire in my life was because I was attracting evil eyes and negative energy, I believed it. Not because it gave me a good, easy excuse for everything. But because I could sense those negative energies all around, taking a toll on me. And energies don’t need to be seen, they can just be felt. And recently I read this particular article, and realized that just like the person who wrote it, there were thousands others out there who go through the same thoughts and feelings when looking at your Facebook updates/pictures. And I have one self-formed ruled about energy today – if it’s not outright positive and coming from a place of love, it’s negative/harmful. Even if it’s indifference, it’s negative. Anybody’s thoughts directed towards you, unless they are thoughts of love, they can and will affect you in a not-so-positive way at some point in your life. So why pro-actively attract those energies?!

I’m feeling hell more awesome as I write this, just by knowing that I have consciously and subconsciously at the very start of this year, cut myself off from the time-consuming-productivity-decreasing-negative-energy-attracting menace that is Facebook. And when I was asked by some friends recently after my birthday why I don’t update Facebook with events from my life, I just say because it’s tacky, and I don’t feel the need to. I personally let my close friends know what’s going on with me, and I just feel their love in return. That’s enough.

And it really feels good. : )



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