Daytime and Nighttime

by Friday, August 8, 2014

I had just finished writing the previous post today, and was checking my emails when the Osho Newsletter landed in my inbox. And I was intrigued by a title that said “Don’t Decide in the Nighttime”. So I clicked on it and found so much resonance with the thoughts in my head at this very moment, that I smiled. I had been looking for a sign all these days, what do I do, what should I think, what do I decide… and I came to the realisations that I wrote about this morning. And to have this link appear in my inbox right after that, I knew it was the sign I had prayed for, that I was on the right path.

To sum up the long article, this is the message that found it’s way to me via Osho today:


Question – I am in difficulty in the relationship with my girlfriend and I wonder whether to continue it or not.

Osho – Don’t be in a hurry, because what happens is that the mind has light moments and dark moments, day moments and night moments. When it is a day moment everything feels very good; you can see everything clearly.

When night comes everything become dark and you cannot see anything clearly.

Just think: we are sitting here, it is light, you can see me and you can see everybody here, you can see the trees – and then suddenly the electricity goes off. Now you cannot see anybody here; the trees and everything are gone. Will you say that now the trees no more exist and the people no longer exist? If you say that, that will be too early a decision. Can’t you remember that there was a light a few moments ago and people were there and the trees were green and everything was there and things were clear?

When the night is there, remember the day too – don’t forget it – and soon the day will be coming. Whenever you have to decide, it is always good to decide in daytime; then your life will have a positivity. If you decide in the nighttime your life will become negative. 

So wait! Decisions have to be made when there is light.

When you are again loving this woman and things are flowing and everything is beautiful, ecstatic, then decide, and if you want to separate, separate! But don’t decide in the nighttime. That’s why I say to prolong it, to watch. This will go. 

So just wait, watch, see, and let the daytime come, mm? Then decide.


I’ve always believed in “signs” and continue to do even today. The universe tries to talk to you, every single day. You have to keep your heart open, and be receptive. I know I haven’t been listening for a while.. I’ve tried to but then ‘everyday life’ happens. One day moves into the next with the million things one has to do and worry about.. until one day you realize, hold on, in all that commotion, in all that ‘busy-ness’, did I really listen? Did I read the signs that came my way? Did I observe myself? Did I notice how I was changing, evolving, growing?

I was talking to my best friend a few days ago and updating her on my life.. she asked me the next day how I was feeling, and I said to her – I’m in that state where I’m going deep inside again, I’m thinking about things I don’t pay attention to normally, I’m trying to listen to that inner voice and trying to understand what it’s saying. And because I’m really, really trying to do this, I’m experiencing this barrage of thoughts, emotions and realizations. There’s so many thoughts in my head, and so many emotions coming out of all these realizations and reflections, that I want to blog about it all. I don’t know if it will result in something beautiful on paper, but if I can reach out to even one person who can relate, then I’ll be happy. Sometimes it’s just good to know we’re not the only ones going through what we’re going through. So I told her, I’m going to try and channel everything I’m feeling on to my writing.

So, just like Osho’s random newsletter hit the right nerve at the right time today for me, I hope some of what I write today has that effect on someone out there.



To reaching our personal highs.

To touching our personal skies.


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  • Kunal Lala
    August 8, 2014

    Absolutely loved the last lines…. This relates very well to a line I love from ‘Atlas’ by Coldplay – ‘Sometimes the wire, must tense for the note’…
    The peaks and the troughs eventually create music. All one has to do is be patient…:)

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