Carpe Diem

by Sunday, December 6, 2015

So, my last blog post was about my trip to Paris and I got really amazing feedback for it. Everyone said that after reading the post they really felt like visiting Paris! Which made me super happy because I really fell in love with the place and wanted to share that with other people so that they may get a little inspired to experience it too.

However, a week after I shared that post (and exactly 2 weeks after the day I was there), Paris was attacked. I woke up that Saturday morning and saw the ParisAttacks hashtag on Twitter, and read the news.

It really shook me up.

More than that, it shook my mom up, because she couldn’t stop saying “Oh my God, you were just there…ALONE… if you had been there now…” And I got a bit of a lecture.. how I mustn’t travel alone so often… etc etc. You know, normal mum stuff. 🙂

But it did shake me up for a good many days… and then I didn’t feel like writing everything I was going to… about the rest of my time in London during this holiday (a lot of that will be shared soon because I went to some awesome places there).

But what I really want to say in this tiny post is this – life is too short for “someday” and “soon” and “I hope I can” or “I wish I could” or “I should have”. Any of us could go anytime.. a terrorist’s bullet, a tsunami.. any moment could be our last. Once you really, really grasp the possibility of that…. you will wonder too – why can’t we just get a little bit serious about lightening up a little?  🙂

Do what you gotta do. Say what you gotta say.

Stop delaying. And start being awesome.

More on London soon!




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