by Saturday, August 16, 2014

“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.” – Buddha

I think it started randomly one day some four years ago, I was walking around in Mall of the Emirates when I had this strong urge to paint. (Yeah, totally random!)

So I walked over to Borders, bought a canvas, some paints, some brushes and drove him with a mission. LOL.

I had never painted before and I didn’t know what I wanted to start with. So I just went online and kept browsing images. And I got most intrigued by Buddha faces. And I knew I had to attempt one. Again, I feel like the ‘urge’ didn’t come out of nowhere, it was sent to me for a reason..

So that’s how it started.

The first one I made, my parents have proudly displayed in their living room now (so cute). But when I first finished it and showed it to people around me, their responses weren’t half bad. I thought – hey, I’m not too bad at this. And then of course, the obsession began. I would need to paint every time the urge in me rose and took control.

So here are some of the Buddhas I’ve worked on since that first one. I don’t have most of the images with me right now, and most of my paintings are now in Oman but here’s something to start off the “Art” section on #BeingAwesome 🙂

The first one, gifted to my parents.




Eye of Buddha. Also, gifted to my parents.




Thalmo Turquoise and Gold Buddha. House warming gift to Dharna and Nico.




Black & Gold Buddha, textured acrylic on canvas.




And you know, for some reason, every time I work on a Buddha painting, I feel peaceful.

Go figure. 🙂



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