Ainvayi Drama!

by Thursday, September 11, 2014

So there’s a recent discussion I had with a friend over a drink. He said – “Man! Indian people just create too much freakin’ drama in their lives!”

And while I was taken aback for a second, I realized he actually was right.

Now, don’t get him or me wrong, we’re both Indian too. Desi to the core. But I look at my friends from other nationalities and I gave this a little more thought, only to conclude that he was indeed right.

And many years ago my friend Nico had told me the same thing (he’s married to one of my best friends, Dharna, who is also Indian), and Nico said to me back then – “hey no offence ah, but you Indians are way too fuckin complicated. Everything has to have drama, everything has to be complicated, why can’t you just keep it simple? You like someone, tell them! Have fun, go out, get drunk, laugh, dance, party, live your life!”



I blame Bollywood.

I really do!

And Bollywood music.

I mean, where else in the world do you see overly dramatic, overly soppy, overly complicated, overly suicidal, overly lovelorn, overly heartbroken, overly manic depressive films/stories/songs!?!?

Family drama.

Religion drama.

Lovers drama.

Separation drama.

Non-separation drama.

Judaai songs.

Regret songs.

Lost in life songs.

Where-am-I, where-am-I-going, what-has-my-life-become songs.

Why-did-she-leave-me songs.

Why-did-he-go songs.

Why-did-my-heart-break songs.



Bloody Bollywood has ruined our lives. Like totally.

It’s killed our ability to think like normal, rational, living, breathing human beings.

Every situation needs to have a relevant song.

Every feeling need to be expressed by a relevant over-the-top filmy dialogue.

Woh idhar aahein bhar raha hai… wo wahan karvate badal rahi hai.

I mean, seriously, if I was around any of the above said two people, I would give both of them one tight slap and tell them to get the hell up, stop wasting time, get a room and make out already.

In the words of Nico – “Can you please just keep it fucking simple?”




I like this above internet pic that’s been doing the rounds for some time now. Because all of the above are things that real people do.

Real people don’t waste the precious time of their lives in sitting around moping, being unhappy. They realize the importance of every single moment, of every single day… moments that could be spent being happy. And they do what it takes, and with whom it takes to be that way.

I was chatting with another friend one Saturday evening over a drink, and I told him what Paulo Coelho says about Death. He says – I think of Death as a beautiful woman dressed in black, sitting beside me every single moment of my life. And at any moment, she will give me a smile and tell me to go with her. It could be any moment. And that makes me realize the importance of my present moment, this moment of ‘life’ that I have. I have to make the most of it. She could extend her hand to me at any moment, and I will have to leave with her. So I let the people I love know that I love them, I spend my days with them so I can live each moment fully, and I don’t waste time in sitting around, brooding, moping, being sad and living in fear of tomorrow. Because I just have today, and what my heart feels today, I follow.

Carpe diem people – seize the day! Please. Because TODAY – September 11, 2014 – it’s NOT COMING BACK.

And if you can think of one place you’d rather be right now, or with one person you’d rather be with right now, and that place or person is NOT where you are right at this moment, then what the hell are you waiting for? Make it happen.

Don’t put off decisions till tomorrow.

Don’t sleep before resolving a fight with the one you love.

Don’t waste your present moment in being anything but happy.

Don’t forget to tell your parents you love them.

Don’t hold back from giving someone a hug.

Don’t stop yourself from telling someone you love that you love them.

Don’t let your fear of tomorrow hold you back from your present.

Don’t make a mountain out of nothing in your mind, and don’t waste your life trying to climb this mountain coz it doesn’t really exist.


Dan Millman’s greatest lesson from his teacher in The Way Of the Peaceful Warrior was just this –

Where are you? Here.

What time is it? Now. 


That’s it.

That’s all we have.

Here, and Now.

Too often we think we can put things off for the future. But every day, somewhere in the world, there is a doctor telling someone like you and me, that they have a life-threatening disease with only a few more days to live…. everyday, somewhere in the world, is a drunk driver causing an accident killing an innocent person on the road… and you know what? That patient, or that innocent driver on the road… it could be you or me. Why do we think it won’t or can’t happen to us?


So stop the ainvayi ka faltu drama.

Eat, drink, be merry.

Live, love, laugh.


And for God’s sake – just roll a J, be grateful that you’re alive, and kiss someone already.



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  • jai
    September 14, 2014

    roll a J and kiss someone already!!!
    couldnt agree more :P.

    luved it!!! rightly put 🙂

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